I especially love how this look came together! The handmade headpieces and flowers really stole the show for this transition. It brings out the flirty and feminine details of the dress while showcasing the personality of a vibrant, full-of-life fun bride as well. 

You really can't compete with handmade details, as you'll be able to see below. (We used 3 different headpieces for this portion because it was impossible to choose just one!)


I like to think of maternity sessions as updated engagement photos...except this time the love between you has deepened, there's a pretty solid addition to your torso, and there's excitement and anticipation of a new partner in crime to share your life with.

At one point during the session when I was trying to get some portraits of Ben, he mentioned how the session was mostly about Shayna.  And while in a lot of ways I agree--because pregnancy is beautiful and a huge transformation for each woman in her own way--there is still another involved. In this case it's Ben, her loving husband. The physical aspect won't affect him the same way, but he will experience the life-changing milestone of becoming a parent to a precious being he helped create, and that deserves to be documented as well. 


Do you ever have an idea you can't shake? A few years back I saw an inspiration blog that highlighted a shoot for a bride on a budget. The photographer found a dress at a thrift shop and used family members' jewelry and other thrifted items to create different looks to keep wedding costs down. I thought it was brilliant! Since then I've wanted to do something similar but with a twist of my own.

The main inspiration behind this styled shoot was to help Utah brides fully understand how customizable her wedding look can be. It's easy to thumb through bridal magazines or scroll through inspiration blogs and fall in love with a beautiful dress and then have the thought, "But that's not me/my style." (I remember feeling exactly that way when planning my own wedding!) 

I want any discouraging thoughts brides have to fly out the window and create the exact look she wants to feel the most beautiful and true to herself on her wedding day!

To achieve this, the focus was to create three very distinct looks using the same wedding dress. Each vender involved was crucial to the transformation. We changed hair, make up, florals and jewelry/headpieces to customize each look. The looks created are Modern/Minimalist, Bohemian, and Classic. 


Everyone who participated, from the dress designer to the headpieces, are local Utah vendors based in Utah and Salt Lake counties. I firmly believe in supporting local businesses, and each of these vendors is top-of-the-line. 

Not to mention, this special day only happens once! You might as well go all out and make it 100% authentic to you!

This part of the shoot focused on a bride with modern and minimalistic tastes.