Around these parts we've been moving and shaking--a lot! Over the past month we've purchased a gate so that a certain little crawler won't tumble down any stairs, been on the receiving end of a few bites thanks to two new teeth, and created a new game called, "Hey, Matt--what's that he's got in his mouth?"

Some days are more productive than others. I say that as I look at the laundry basket three feet away from me that seems to be the newest permanent decor in our living room. (It's been sitting there with its wrinkled, clean clothes for a solid week now.) It blends in nicely with the colorful stacking cups and board books strewn across the floor. 

I have to remind myself frequently that it's ok, that in a few blinks I'll be mourning the fact that there will be Alegbra books (yuck!) and homework papers littering the floor, and I'll long for these days. And heck, chances are the laundry basket will still be in the exact same spot but with toddler to teenage clothes inside. I'm glad I took a moment a few weeks ago on a quiet Sunday afternoon to snap these photos.  

First, I know how important it is to document life. I'm forever grateful for my mother and always having a handy disposable camera in her purse (literally everywhere we went), so I have many photos of my childhood. As much as my sisters and I would whine about getting our photos taken in the moment, they are priceless treasures to us now. Each one is a 4x6 time machine that transports us to a different decade with its feathered or grungy hairstyles and stories that hurt our sides from laughter.

Second, it's because I want to remember the calm moments. Life is so busy, and it's mostly our own fault! Somewhere along the line someone decided busy meant successful or important, and I disagree with that. I believe that each photo forces me to slow down and hit pause. With film, I have to make each frame deliberate. That usually means stopping, thinking and being in the moment.

I woke up today having a pity party about having to change three poopy diapers before 10 a.m. and resigning to the fact that my life is pretty darn average. But I look at my photos and I'm reminded that life is beautiful and meaningful, even with its never ending loads of laundry.

On second thought, when you look at average at a different angle, it's pretty darn spectacular.