The last time Matt and I had professional photos taken was at our wedding just over three years ago. There's no good excuse! Since Tyler is almost one (excuse me while I go cry in a corner for a while) I figured it was high time to schedule an official family portrait session. 

The closer we got to the session I was getting more and more stressed. Why am I feeling so anxious about these photos? I felt like most of my free time was spent trying to figure out how to redecorate (read: actually hang up photos on our walls, etc.) and color coordinate and so on. I was so consumed with trying to create an impressive space that I lost sight of the purpose of a family portrait: my family. 

In 20 years, I won't be looking to see which pillows were on my couch or how many trendy decorations donned my bookshelves. I'll look back and see how perfect everything was. I'll see Matt's dimple in his left cheek and how Tyler's two teeth stole the show. I will reflect on how I was crazy to think that I needed to wait to lose X amount of pounds before scheduling a portrait session, and I'll be glad that I booked it despite my insecurities.  Because in 20 years, all Tyler will see is his family and that it was full of love.


Many thanks to Samantha Kelly for stopping by to beautifully capture us in our element!