The best family dynamic I've worked with are those who show up to a family session wanting to have their children's personalities shine through rather than have the stiff, perfect family portrait. There's nothing wrong with the "stand next to each other and smile" photos. They're great, and I shoot them all the time! But there's more to family photos than getting a great image for your Christmas card.

At each of my sessions you can expect to get close to one another, laugh, hug and have a bonding, fun family experience. I'll guide you along the way, but the only way to get authentic, love-filled images is to come as you are. There's nothing wrong with a fresh hair cut and new outfit--photos are a special occasion! Remember you're the only one who can be you. Your family DNA is unique, and it deserves to be documented as such.  

The Estes family was no exception. They showed up with each individual personality and now they have photos they can enjoy now and look back in 20 years and still feel the love documented that late summer evening.