Wow! What a year! This year has been filled with random accomplishments and plenty of ups and downs, but overall the only things I can truly remember are all the ups! Hashtag: winning, am I right?  

In previous years I'd been so focused on others' successes for so long I found myself in a ravine of self-doubt and unsurprisingly started believing I would never measure up. Fortunately after taking thousands of baby steps forward (with a few hundred steps backwards in the process) I find myself out of that ravine! Granted, there are days where I'm flirting with the edge because I'm still human. But hey! I'm continuing forward to accomplishing things I used to only daydream about. 

As I open the calendar to a new year I'm excited to see how much growth I'll accomplish in the next 12 months, not only in photography but in other facets of life.

The following are my top 15 from sessions this past year, in no particular order. I noticed as I was reminiscing and selecting my favorites that the ones that really resonate with me involve loved ones being close together. Isn't that what life's all about?