This post not only contains images of a lovely couple but is also a public service announcement to never give up on anything. (Come on, Zayn! Go back to One Direction! #justkidding)

But really.

I worked at an unfulfilling job for a few years and showed up every day wishing I was doing something else. I would daydream and peruse photographers' blogs wishing I were doing what they did, craving to create. But I allowed myself to believe that somehow maybe I wouldn't be able to do it. You know, that shoulder angel that whispers negativity and hinders your confidence. (Such a jerk. And such a liar.)

But one day as I was scrolling through social media I came across an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Lo and behold, the stars aligned! It was a stepping stone to so many wonderful opportunities, one of which was attending the Film is Not Dead workshop in San Diego. 

This brings me to Dustin and Elvee, a warm, happy couple who you want to transplant to be your next door neighbors. 

During that trip, my camera had some issues, and I had to open the back (every film photographer's nightmare) to see if possibly the film had jammed. I feared the worst and assumed the entire roll was ruined. For some reason, however, I kept it and it collected dust for nine months. 

Last week I decided I had nothing to lose and developed it, and to my surprise and total delight, there was nearly an entire roll's worth of photos! 

Had I never put myself out there in the first place, I never would've attended FIND. I never would have met these fine people and taken these portraits. I never would've developed this roll. These images would not be on the internets.

Are you grasping the gravity of the situation?  


Now go out there and do something you otherwise wouldn't. Don't be complacent. Develop that dusty roll of film in your life. Push aside the fear, do something out of your comfort zone, maybe make a fool of yourself, and when all is said and done go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Or get a McFlurry or something delicious. You deserve it.