I woke up that damp Saturday morning not having any specific plans for the day, but when my Dad sent a picture of the baby lambs he encountered as he did chores on the farm I knew exactly what our plans would be from that moment on.

Two hours later we were packed (albeit quite disheveled) and en route to Idaho for a 24-hour visit. 

I'm one of the most predictable people on the planet, and I must say I was proud at how unpredictable I was that weekend. (Definitely worthy of a pat on the back.) It's also safe to say that Tyler's max tolerance of his carseat is approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes. And not a minute more.

We saw a ewe in labor only to come back a few hours later to see a newborn lamb by her side. We walked in the barn where my dad milked cows by hand as a boy, decades of hard work within those walls. I'm proud of the legacy to which I belong.

As a mother I hope to pass that on.