Lately I've been drawn to photograph what I relate to best: motherhood. It's all too easy to get in my mind that everyone has her budgets in line and perfectly-planned meals every evening. And clutter? That's the only thing that happens in my house, right? Every day feels like a whirlwind that I feel lucky to have survived without any serious scratches. The days I'm home, staring at my long (read: completely unrealistic) to-do list I wonder how it is everyone else is making it? How am I making it? 

The answer is different for everyone, but I believe one common denominator is the love we have for our children. The universal, unbreakable bond that gets us out of bed 45 minutes before out bodies naturally would want to. The bond that that allows us to sing semi-off key versions of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star 10 times in a row without going (completely) crazy. It's what fuels us day after day. We all as mothers have so much more in common than we could ever imagine, so shut out the preconceived comparisons and open our eyes. See.

I spent an afternoon with Rosalyn and connected with her over the quiet and the chaos.