It's one thing to hear that the first year goes by so quickly, but it's quite another thing to experience it. The face of the same baby who changed your entire life in the hospital looks different three weeks later while you rock him to sleep after an afternoon feeding. 

Before you know it--and maybe this is all made possible due to sleep deprivation and not knowing what time zone you live in anymore--three months have passed and then another three. Genuine, non-gas induced smiles and belly giggles are daily occurrences and the leaky faucet of drool requires multiple wardrobe changes each day. 

Something about inviting a precious soul into your heart and weaving them into your life ignites the catalyst that means time can no longer stand still. (Unless you're standing in line at a grocery store and a meltdown occurs...that's when time ironically stands still. But that's another post for another day).  

Documenting this time is so critical. We so easily forget the little details, focusing on to whatever is right before us. Forcing time to stand still with photographs and handwritten journal entries is what I've found to be the most therapeutic with this almost frantic desire to slow down. 

Motherhood sessions have an extra soft spot in my photographer heart. My desire is to help mothers stay present and enjoying the current stage they're in because they know they'll have the special details documented and curated to focus on the most important milestones. They can look back fondly and continue to ride the wave of all things motherhood. This not only applies to seeing the changes in your baby, but in yourself as well. Because motherhood changes our bodies and souls in ways we never could've imagined--and always for the better.

Interested in utilizing my superpowers to freeze time? Contact me to book a motherhood session so we can capture each detail that's so special to you and ones that you and your family will cherish for generations to come.